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If You Chose To Become Estranged From Your Parents, Tell Me About It

Whatever your reasoning is, this is a safe space to share it.

A sometimes touchy topic to discuss is family — specifically parents.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that parents are humans, meaning they're not perfect — contrary to what we might have believed when we were younger.

Sometimes parents can even be some of the most toxic people in one's life for whatever reason.

To bring more light to this topic, I'm turning to the BuzzFeed Community to ask: if you're someone who is estranged from your parent(s), what happened that caused this?

Also, once you became estranged from your parent(s), did they try reaching out and making things right? How long has it been? How are you feeling now about the relationship?

Perhaps your mom was very codependent on you and didn't respect your own needs, wants, and life in general.

Maybe your parents split up when you were younger and you always resented growing up without a parent who wasn't there for you.

Or maybe your parents never respected your opinions and values which caused a major shift in your relationship.

Whatever the reasoning is, this is a safe space to share your story and a good reminder that you're not alone. Feel free to vent about your situation in this anonymous form or in the comments below.

Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.