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Tell Me About Something You Bought During The Pandemic That You Don't Regret At All

Sometimes, it's money well spent!

During the height of the pandemic, I'm sure I wasn't alone in doing a little too much online shopping.

During those online splurges, while there were some items I personally regretted buying — there were other items that I was happy I bought and actually got a lot of use out of. In my case, it was at-home exercise equipment!

I'm turning to the BuzzFeed Community to ask: what pandemic splurge do you have zero regrets over?

Maybe you took up a new hobby — such as painting — and you spent a decent amount of money on the necessary supplies. Now, your newfound love of painting is one of your favorite things to do in your off time and you're even considering taking art lessons.

Young woman painting chair at home

Maybe you're like me and you invested in some at-home gym equipment. It turns out you love working out in the privacy of your home so much that you may never step foot in a traditional gym again.

Dumbbells, mat, water, on the floor in the bedroom preparing for home sports

Perhaps you bought some new items to make your WFH situation a little more comfortable and your home office is now one of your favorite rooms in your home.

Woman working from home at standing desk is walking on under desk treadmill

Whatever you bought during the pandemic that you don't regret one bit, I want to hear about it. Share it with me in this anonymous form or in the comments below.

Some responses might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.