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Men Are Sharing Their "Guy Secrets" That Women Don't Know About, And Now I Have Several Follow-Up Questions

"We will NEVER forget getting a compliment. I used the same conditioner until it went out of production because someone once told me my hair felt soft and smelled nice."

I always love getting insight into how a guy's mind works. So when I come across conversations, like in this Reddit thread where people are talking about "guy secrets" girls don't know about, I'm very intrigued! Here are some of the rather interesting answers I came across on this topic.

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1. "We will NEVER forget getting a compliment. I used the same conditioner until it went out of production because someone told me my hair felt soft and smelled nice."


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2. "Sometimes when it's up, it's not because we're horny. But don't let that stop you, queen."


"Conversely, sometimes when it’s not up, doesn’t mean we’re NOT horny. Give a brother a minute to relax and pitch the dang tent."


3. "Dudes can be friends for years and not know each other's real name."

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4. "Sometimes, that male confidence that you find attractive is us totally faking it while shaking on the inside, insecure AF."


5. "That big sigh my wife just asked about while we’re watching the nightly news? Nothing profound, nothing bugging me — I just remembered to breathe."


6. "We have an entire language around the headnod."


7. "We don’t want to tell you certain things are worrying us because we do not want you to worry too. Now there are just two people worrying, whereas before, one was worrying, and the other was happy, which is a reminder to us not to worry so much."


8. "We pick the urinal we pee in carefully."

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9. "You'll find communicating with guys is a lot easier if you just are direct and open about what you want."


10. "No, I'm not going to the gym to hit on women or get into shape to be attractive to other women. I'm just tired of almost passing out every time I bend over to tie my shoes."


11. "I don't care how bad my day is, I don't care how much of the 'big and quiet' type I come across as, I don't care who is around, the second a cute animal comes within eyesight it's getting the baby voice."


12. "We take a step to the side to unstick our balls."


13. "I like being childish and if I trust you enough I will be childish around you. I always forget things but I really try to remember them. We have days where we want to be left alone with peace and quiet."


14. "If it looks like I'm ignoring you, I'm probably just so deep in thought that I forgot I actually exist."


15. "It’s possible to just sit and think of literally nothing. Don’t ask us, 'What are you thinking?' more than once."

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16. "Took me years to learn when my wife is telling me her problems, it's not always because she wants me to fix them. She literally just wants me to listen and acknowledge that her problems exist. Took her years to learn that when she tells me her problems, I am instinctively working out a resolution. I listen, I acknowledge and then I ask if there's anything I can do. If not, I stay out of it."


17. "When you ask us a question, oftentimes we'll quickly respond with 'huh?'. It's not that we didn't hear you, cause we did. We're just buffering to give you an adequate answer."


18. "When girls come over to a guy's place. The guy is usually cleaning up his place like the Tasmanian Devil 1–2 hours before she comes over."

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19. "That a lot of us are constantly debating internally whether or not to go talk to you — a girl — and how to go about doing so. Yes, I want to go say hi and be confident, but also I don’t wanna be seen as a creep. There are a lot of guys who are examples of toxic masculinity and/or creepiness and I don’t wanna be one of them. To project enough confidence without being a jerk and yet to project enough gentleness/humility without being a wimpy simp — it’s a balancing act."


20. "Whatever imperfections you have that you're insecure about, we either don't notice, don't care if we notice, or we find it really attractive about you."


If you have any other "guy secrets" you want to add, share it with me in the comments below!