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    Fast-Food Workers Are Sharing Their Own Personal Menu Hacks, And The Game Is Forever Changed

    "Ex–McDonald's worker here. Ice cream in hot chocolate is amazing."

    Ever wonder what fast-food workers are whipping up in the kitchen behind the scenes during their shifts?

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    Well, Reddit user u/TBoneTheOriginal asked the question, "Fast food workers of Reddit, what are some unique concoctions you’ve made with the ingredients available to you that aren’t available on the public menu?" and the thread received thousands of responses filled with delicious and quite weird-sounding food concoctions that current and former fast-food workers made during their shifts.

    Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "Former Pizza Hut employee here. Take unusable dough, rip it up, deep-fry for a couple of minutes, cover in cinnamon sugar. Boom. Donut bites."

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    2. "Made some pretty interesting blizzards at Dairy Queen.

    "But a customer ordered the most bizarre item by far: a chili cheese shake. He came in asking if we could do it because his friend bet him nobody would make one, but if he could get a place to make it, he would eat it. Ordered a large, which was 32 ounces. I had the pleasure of making it. However, we didn't get to see the guy eat it. I bet it was gross."


    3. "Used to work in a concession stand at a movie theater. One of my coworkers would make chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks, stick them in a hot dog bun, and slather it in marinara to make a chicken Parmesan sandwich."

    4. "When I worked at Pizza Hut, we would make the Stuffed Crust minus the pizza. It would just be a giant ring of cheese and dough."


    5. "Worked at KFC, and the biscuits come frozen. We would put them in the fryer instead of the oven, and they were the most delicious, dense buttermilk donuts. Drizzle on some honey and they are awesome!"

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    6. "I used to work at McDonald's. One of the things people would order was grilled cheese sandwiches. Basically, a slice of cheese between two upside-down buns that was put on the grill for a bit."


    7. "Domino’s delivery driver here. I take a small pizza dough, some Alfredo sauce, a whole bunch of cheddar cheese, some pasta, and some bacon. / Via

    "Mix those together and put them on the small dough. Raise the edges of the dough up like a bowl and run it through the pizza oven. When it’s done, top it off with garlic oil and just a little mango habanero sauce, and you have one of the best mac 'n' cheese bread bowls I’ve ever eaten."


    8. "Worked at a cheap movie theater in high school that didn't have anything fancier than nachos available. You haven't lived until you fill up a cup with popcorn and mix in nacho cheese sauce to make the devil's cheeseball."


    9. "Ex–McDonald's worker here. Ice cream in hot chocolate is amazing. / Via

    "Also did the quesadilla quite a few times. Usually when I had to do end-of-month inventory, I would make something like that. Sometimes chicken, sometimes beef. Also, baking the fries turns out pretty good too."


    10. "It’s not super unique, but we used to make fried pickles and quesadillas back when I worked at Chick-fil-A."


    11. "Worked at Subway in high school, and my favorite was stuffed peppers. I'd cut the top off and gut the pepper; fill it with cheese, steak, and chipotle sauce; and then bake it in the oven. Soooooo good."

    12. "I worked at a Jersey Mike’s for longer than I care to say. Best 'employees-only secret menu' thing we had was as follows:

    "Cook a cheesesteak with peppers, onions, and jalapeños (chicken or beef; doesn’t matter). Crush up a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and mix it in with the meat while you’re cooking. Toast the roll on the grill and put chipotle mayo on the top of the bun and ranch dressing on the bottom. I was a teenager when I last tried it, but I remember it being absolutely delicious, and it was usually my go-to meal at work."


    13. "Movie theater person here. We doubled the salt and butter during the cooking process and then layered the butter. Meaning, fill bag halfway with popcorn, butter it and then add popcorn to top, and butter again. Every bite will be the same, and the butter is spread evenly."

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    14. "Back at KFC/Taco Bell, where I worked in high school, we used to make doughboys out of the chalupa shells. If you toss one in the fryer by itself and just let it float, it gets kinda puffy and doughy. Then you've got the butter they usually put on the biscuits, and the cinnamon sugar for the cinnamon twists. BOOM, doughboy."


    15. "Back in my Domino’s days, I used to make a ‘pizza-dilla’ for me and the crew. I’d make all kinds of things, but this was my favorite. / Via

    "Take one large thin-crust shell. Fill with various cheeses, bacon, chicken, Frank's RedHot sauce. Fold in half, butter the outside. Run through the conveyor oven. Cut and top with more sauce and ranch."


    16. "Used to work at Papa John's. We made breakfast pizzas. Someone would pick up eggs at the store, and we'd crack them onto the crust, plus cheese, ham, sausage, onions, and green peppers. Like a giant pizza omelet. Sooooo good."


    17. "At Dairy Queen, we used to dump a bottle of vodka into the ice cream machine after hours and get baked and plastered on ice cream. Good times."

    18. "Worked at Wendy’s. After a while, we got tired of the same food, so we got experimental. My go-to would be a wrap made with baked potato, cheddar cheese, spicy chicken, and broccoli. I'd put it in the oven for 10 minutes so it would be slightly toasted, and then I'd eat it with chili sauce. Yum."


    19. "When I worked at Starbucks, I used to fill a cup with whipped cream and drizzle it with chocolate and caramel syrup and eat it like an ice cream sundae. / Via

    "But the best was, after the store closed, I'd make a mocha Frap and mix in a handful of peanut butter cups. It was amazing!"


    20. "I work at Chick-fil-A, and something we can make ourselves but don't sell is frosted teas and frosted sodas.

    "Basically, it's the beverage of choice blended with Icedream (that's the licensed name for our ice cream). We aren't allowed to do these custom blends for guests, but during closing, we are free to do as we please as long as we pay for it and make it ourselves, within reason. A favorite that we don't even have anymore was the watermelon syrup in frosted beverages."


    21. "At Burger King, the double-cheese whopper with bacon and sweet chili sauce was a happy accident — sweet chili sauce and ketchup together is amazing. / Via

    "Also, seven-burger whopper — this was before that Windows 7 burger, too."


    22. "I work at Chick-fil-A, and I’ve made pickle milkshakes! Definitely an acquired taste."


    23. "I used to work at Chipotle. I'd take a tiny plastic guac cup, put some white rice and queso in it, and mix it up. I probably ate like 10 of these every shift, lol."

    24. "I used to work at Round Table. I would put pepperoni and pineapple into the Parmesan garlic twists and then put Polynesian sauce on top before putting them into the oven."


    25. "I like to think I invented the Breakfast Quesarito at Taco Bell: one 10-inch tortilla, a pump of nacho cheese, cheddar cheese, a small tortilla, eggs, potato, chipotle, sour cream, then wrapped up and grilled. When I opened on the weekends, I would eat one a day."

    26. "Wendy's. For Frostys, you can put any of the new flavored lemonades in with a vanilla Frosty and it is awesome. You can also get free pecans or walnuts that come with the salads and put them in your Frosty."


    27. "Not me, but a lot of my coworkers at Wendy's were vegetarian, so what they would do is make a normal burger, but instead of putting the hamburger inside, they would take a handful of fries and stick it in the burger."

    28. "At Red Lobster, we would take the baked potatoes and basically make a loaded baked potato lobster bisque bowl.

    "That place had the best traditional baked potatoes (a lot of places just use premade chopped russet potatoes and roast them) — butter, sour cream, chives, cheddar cheese, bisque."


    29. "McDonald's: half orange juice, half vanilla milkshake. Stir. Delicious."

    30. "Ex-McDonald's here: strawberry milkshake with coffee. Beats anything from Starbucks."


    31. "Fried Snickers balls. I used to work at Sonic, and my manager showed me how to make 'em. / Via

    "Just get the Snickers candy for the Blasts, roll them into a ball in your hand, roll 'em in the batter for the onion rings, and fry them. Then use the icing dipping sauce for the cinnamon bites."