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If You've Ever Had A Cosmetic Procedure, Share Your Experience With Me

In an effort to encourage more open and honest conversations about this, I'd love to hear your story.

For a slew of reasons, many people may choose to get a cosmetic procedure done in their lifetime — but it's not always talked about openly.

a botox needle in a face

For some, the results are not everything they hoped they'd be, while others couldn't be more satisfied with their experience. Both takeaways are valid — and important to discuss with transparency.

surgeons working in operating room at hospital

So, in an effort to encourage more open and honest conversations about this, I'm turning to the BuzzFeed Community to ask: If you have ever elected to get a cosmetic procedure done, what was your experience like?

Maybe you decided to get undereye filler to deal with a long-standing insecurity — and months later, you still have a newfound confidence and zero regrets.

Or maybe you underwent a breast reduction after feeling — ever since junior high — that part of your body had "only ever felt like a burden." (And post-surgery, you can confirm: it was exactly the right decision for you.)

A woman in a bra sitting on a bed

Maybe you got a nose job — and you have mixed feelings about it. You like the outcome, but you weren't at all prepared for the extensive healing time. In hindsight, you're not sure you'd do it over again.

Or maybe you got lip filler because you were told it would be pretty simple and non-invasive — but then were "shocked by how painful and drawn out" the process was, and would never recommend it now.

A woman getting lip filler

Whatever your experience was, I'd love to hear more about it if you're comfortable sharing. What did you get done — and why? What would you tell someone else who might be considering the same thing? Anything you wish you'd known sooner, or in hindsight? Share your thoughts with me in this anonymous form or in the comments below.