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    23 Moments That Made Me Believe Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Were Meant To Be

    All the more reason why Kourtney and Scott are truly meant to be.

    It's safe to say that I am a Kardashian stan. I have loved the reality-royalty family since the early days of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and yes, I love every bit of the family's drama, including who's dating whom, which baby is being born at any given minute, and what is the latest jogger and slipper trend that one of the sisters is wearing.

    One aspect of the family that I feel passionately about is Kourtney and Scott Disick's relationship. Yes, they've had their rocky moments (and Scott really needed to get his act together) — but now the two are at a civil place where they are raising three gorgeous children together just wonderfully.

    To celebrate my love for this duo, here's a little walk down memory lane with Kourtney and Scott's best moments through the years.

    1. First, let's look back at where it all started: in 2006, when the couple met and began dating.

    A very young Scott and Kourtney looking into the camera

    2. When the couple took a "sex during pregnancy class" together.

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    Speaking of being pregnant, another memorable moment was when the couple took a "Survival Skills for Sex During Pregnancy" class together when Kourt was pregnant with Mason.

    3. How Scott handled being told by Kourtney that she might be pregnant with Mason.

    Kourtney tells Scott, "So I took a pregnancy test and I might be pregnant" and Scott says, "There's a might symbol?"

    4. When Scott shaved Kourtney's lady parts for her because she couldn't do it while pregnant.

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    Back in 2015, Kourtney complained to Scott about having difficulty shaving down there because her pregnant belly was in the way. Scott, being the gentleman that he sometimes can be, agreed to giving his baby mama a hand with shaving her lady parts.

    5. Scott sticking with his humor when Kourtney was emotional before giving birth to their second child, Penelope.

    Kourtney emotionally saying, "This is our last time with Mase as an only child" and Scott saying, "Have you seen what only children turn out to be like? Look at me!"

    6. When Scott explained his makeup routine to Kourtney.

    E! / Via

    I'll never forget how passionately Scott told Kourtney about his tinted-moisturizing ways in this episode of KUWTK.

    7. The moment when Scott proposed to Kourtney.

    8. The time in 2019 when Kourtney was told that Scott is her soulmate.

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    In 2019 on a family trip to Bali, Kourtney and Scott saw a healer who told the couple that they were soulmates and had known each other in their past lives. I knew these two were meant to be!

    9. When the two were eating in bed together like the adorable couple they were.


    Eating chips in bed while watching a movie together like Kourtney and Scott is my definition of #CoupleGoals.

    10. The time when Scott re-created a scene from The Notebook to woo Kourtney.

    Five images of Scott re-creating the movie scenes, saying "I realized the main character in The Notebook is not only good looking and in good shape; he is also a professional handyman," and Kourtney saying, "Do we even need work done?"

    11. When Kourtney put up with Scott becoming a lord.

    Six images showing "Lord Disick," with him asking Kourtney if she wants to say hello to his butler

    12. The time Kourtney said she was proud of how far she and Scott had come in their relationship.

    13. When the duo dressed up as superheroes with their children for Halloween a few years back.

    14. When Scott accepted Kourtney for her organic, gluten-free eating ways.

    Kourtney asking, "You know what I've been thinking about?" and Scott answering, "Biodegradable foods, organic vegetables, moving to a farm, changing your name; anything else?"

    15. Anytime Scott threw in a little sexual humor.

    Kourtney says, "After this photo shoot I will eat whatever I want" and Scott responds, "Is my penis on that diet?"

    16. When Scott admitted to always having love for Kourtney.

    E! / Via

    Even after the duo broke up, Scott always found ways to remind Kourtney that he still loves her.

    17. The time when Kourtney wrote an article for Poosh on how she and Scott successfully co-parent their three children.

    18. When the duo took selfies together on a tropical vacation.

    19. Anytime Scott brought out Kourtney's funny side.

    Scott: "Wanna make a gentlemen's bet? Where you either bet money or bet something else?" Kourtney: Like sexual favors? Scott: Really?! Kourtney, smiling: No

    20. The time Kourtney said she was thankful for Scott.

    21. When Scott leaves cute comments on Kourtney's Instagram photos.

    22. When Scott thanked Kourt for being the "best baby maker in town."

    23. The moment when Scott said he would marry Kourtney.

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    Keeping Up With the Kardashians / Via

    In a teaser for the final season of KUWTK, Scott said to the family that he loves Kourtney, and "Kourtney knows that we'll eventually get married." I'm holding out hope for this moment!

    Do you think Scott and Kourtney will eventually end up together? Let us know in the comments!