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    Here Are 19 Of The Best Kate Winslet Movies And Where To Watch Them

    Go ahead and have a Kate Winslet marathon.

    1. Titanic

    Leo and Kate in a scene from Titanic

    2. The Holiday

    3. Ammonite

    Kate looking very serious with her hair back

    4. Black Beauty

    A black horse rising on its hind legs

    5. Blackbird

    Kate wearing glasses

    6. Carnage

    Kate wearing pearls and gesturing

    7. Collateral Beauty

    A glamorous Kate on the streets of Manhattan

    8. Divergent

    Kate with a modern haircut

    9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    10. The Dressmaker

    Kate wearing a leopard-print hat and long black gloves and embracing a man

    11. Finding Neverland

    Kate wearing a white gown and standing with Johnny Depp and children

    12. Little Children

    13. Mildred Pierce

    14. Movie 43

    A smiling, glamorous Kate with her hair in a ponytail

    15. Romance & Cigarettes

    Kate with red hair and painted nails and smoking while on the pone

    16. Steve Jobs

    A serious Kate with glasses and brown hair pulled back

    17. Wonder Wheel

    Kate leaning on her side on a bed with light coming through the window and a book open in front of her

    18. Iris

    Kate with a short haircut

    19. Flushed Away