Men Are Sharing The Biggest Annoyances Of Being A Guy, And Some Of Their Answers Left Me Speechless

    These probably aren't what you expect them to be (well, maybe some are).

    It's not uncommon for us women to complain about some of the struggles we have to go through. Hello childbirth, menstrual cycles, beauty regimens...dare I go on?

    So when u/justjuiced22 asked Reddit, "Male users of reddit, what is the most annoying thing about being a guy?" I felt compelled to keep scrolling.

    Here are some of the most thought-provoking answers:

    1. "Honestly, I think the most annoying thing is the competitiveness of other males."

    2. "The fact that we're expected to have the courage to approach women at bars or wherever else, which wouldn't be so intimidating if the perception of said flirting didn't depend entirely on how attractive they happen to find us."

    "We're told, "the worst thing she can do is say no" but it feels pretty shitty when she and her friends straight up laugh as you walk away, or even worse, to your face. As someone fairly middle-of-the-road in terms of looks, it's like, "Am I gonna have a fun conversation? Or are she and her friends gonna laugh at me? Let's roll those dice!!!" 

    Most of the women I talk to who decide they're not interested are polite about it and I appreciate those people, but some are just mean. And most of us guys aren't quite as emotionless as we're supposed to be. Having to deal with that makes us feel bad." 


    3. "Trying to shave those damn hairs on your Adam’s apple without slicing your throat open."

    4. "You're expected to just deal with a lot of things that girls would get help with."


    5. "This might seem petty or dumb, but right now, my fiancée and I are planning our wedding. I'm SUPER into the planning. Every time we meet with a vendor they solely talk to her and ignore me entirely."

    6. "Male eating disorders get zero attention."


    7. "The stigma that every time I talk to a woman I don't know I automatically want to date them. Like, fuck, maybe I like talking to women because men don't open up about feelings and women actually listen. Just lookin for a friend, man."

    8. "Shopping for clothes. I've noticed in every clothing store, we have this small corner in the back of the store for our clothes — then the rest of the store is 95% female clothing."


    9. "Getting very few/no compliments from my significant other. I want to be told nice things about myself, too."

    10. "Being the person to go check out the noise that just happened in a creepy place, to promptly be brutally murdered by some evil demon spirit."


    11. "Baldness. Some can make it work for them, but most can't."

    12. "Having to feel I have to stay quiet about the way I feel about my body."


    13. "Men’s swimming suits. The mesh on the inside rubs and chafes your upper thighs. The only solution is to either wear Speedos (gross) or underwear under my shorts while swimming."

    14. "Being judged almost exclusively on one's financial stability, in an economy that makes financial stability very difficult to achieve."


    15. "Not being socially acceptable to carry a purse."

    16. "The assumption that because I am the father, I don't know (or am incapable of) taking care of my kids. People ask my wife all the time if she needs to rush home when she leaves the kids with me. I am not a babysitter, I know what I am doing."


    17. "We are expected to be sex experts. I had sex only once, don't expect too much from me."

    18. "Not being able to walk home alone at night in peace. I always get judged by people and women fear me just because i'm a man."


    19. "Most girls expecting you to pay for everything all the time."

    20. "Not being able to hide flaws as well as women can."


    21. "Hearing girls complain all the time how hard it is being a girl. Because obviously boys have everything perfect, and because every problem that only women can fix."

    22. "Walking into a public restroom and getting your shoes stuck to the ground because of all the dried piss on the floor."


    Anything you would add to the list? Share in the comments!