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Tell Me Some Of The Advice Your Parents Ended Up Being Right About Now That You're An Adult

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Parents love to give advice. You might be guilty of sometimes rolling your eyes and letting their pep talk go in one ear and out the other — especially when you were younger.

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Since parents are usually looking out for your best interest, their advice is oftentimes spot on.

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Being a 28-year-old who will soon be entering her 30s, my parents have given me plenty of advice on things to know, and potential things I'll experience in my adulthood.

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I want to ask the BuzzFeed Community: what are things your parents ended up being right about now that you're an adult and have some life experience under your belt?

Maybe your parents always advised you to put a percentage of your paycheck each month into your savings — but maybe in your 20s you ignored this advice and now you're regretting it.

Perhaps the cliche advice of "never give up and always follow your dreams" warranted an eye roll when you were in your teens but now you really understand what your parents meant since you followed your passion and found success from it.

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Or maybe when they told you to stop comparing yourself to your peers and you didn't listen then — but now you understand that comparison is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

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Whatever the advice is, I want to hear about it. Share it with me in this anonymous form or in the comments below.