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The Smartest Guide To Staying Chill This Summer

Do you have what it takes to beat the heat? Grab a refreshing beverage and read these tips for keeping yourself and your space cool, plus the cost of your bills chill, too – presented with the help of some adorable assistants and ExxonMobil.

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2. Find the air conditioner that's right for YOU.


It's a lot easier than finding a person who's right for you. Here's how:

+ For a square room: multiply length by width

+ For a triangular room: multiply length by width, divide by 2 ➞ add to square part

7. Plant a shady tree stationed to the south or west of your house.


The natural cooling of one well-placed tree can reduce your energy costs by about 25% in the summer heat. Also, trees help us breathe and stuff.

11. Take a free energy audit, at-home or online. Or have an associate visit you to do one.


They're pretty simple and make it easy to pinpoint exactly where you can make your living space more energy efficient. Get dat green.