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45 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Shopping

So many choices. So many dilemmas. Overcome your shopping anxieties by shopping at Express, where you're bound to find the perfect pair of jeans.

1. I'm here to browse, not to buy.

2. I guess I need new pants though.

3. We'll make this fast.

4. Ooooh, there's so much stuff here.

5. Not sure how I feel about the lighting though.


7. I'll just have to try on a few to see what looks best on me.

8. Seven pairs should be enough.

9. Wow, that mannequin looks really good.

10. Is what's on the mannequin for sale?

11. Better pick out some tops to go with these jeans.

12. I'll just try them on to see how they look together.

13. Whoa, when did this come back in style?

14. I'll try it on.

15. 14 should be enough.

16. Wait, there's a line for the fitting rooms?!

17. Ugh.

18. No way I'm buying any of these without trying them on. Hopefully this line moves quickly.

19. Wow, this mirror makes me look great!

20. Did I lose weight?

21. Why can't I have this mirror in my room?

22. OK, how on earth am I fitting into a size 4?

23. Today is too good to be true.

24. OK, don't look at the price tag.

25. OK, look at the price tag.

26. Is this too much?

27. No.

28. I'll wear it so much that it'll basically pay for itself.

29. These aren't a want, these are a NEED.

30. But I don't need ALL of this stuff.

31. OMG. This shirt is on sale.

32. I'll get three.

33. Is it weird to buy the same thing in several different colors?

34. No.

35. I deserve this.

36. OK. Now to decide on these shoes.

37. Hmm… practical or amazing?

38. Let's go with amazing.

39. But I really do need practical clothing.

40. I'll just get both.


42. Don't think about how much money you're about to spend.

43. OMG I can actually afford this!

44. I cannot wait to put these on at home.

45. I love you, shopping.

Shopping is weird. Shopping is rewarding. Shopping is better at Express.