The 25 Worst Cats In The World

    Cats — they don't clean up after themselves, they don't pay rent, and it's not even clear whether they really like you all that much. Why do we love them?

    1. The lousy roommate:

    2. The inconsiderate friend:

    3. The moper:

    4. The contrarian:

    5. The vandal:

    6. The snob:

    7. The lush:

    8. The lovebirds:

    9. The bully:

    10. The teenager:

    11. The jerks:

    12. The stick-in-the-mud:

    13. The "artist":

    14. The couch potato:

    15. The drama queen:

    16. The show-off:

    17. The picky eater:

    18. The one-percenter:

    19. The recluse:

    20. The paranoid:

    21. The idiot:

    22. The space cadet:

    23. The anarchist:

    24. The whiner:

    25. The complainer:

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