• 10. Not Gonna Get Us

    The second single from 2003’s 200 Km/h in the Wrong Lane, Not Gonna Get Us combines Ivan Shapovalov’s slick production with some of the girls’ most introspective songwriting.

  • 9. All About Us

    All About Us, the centerpiece of t.A.T.u.’s sophomore effort, Dangerous Moving, is a moving, thoughtful exploration of the alternate pressures and frustrations of international notoriety paired with a driving, urgent hook that propels the song into the stratosphere.

  • 8. Gomenesai

    Gomenesai finds t.A.T.u venturing into ballad territory - with staggering results. Lena Katina’s delicate vocals provide a striking counterpoint to the less polished, raw performance of her bandmate.

  • 7. 30 Minutes

    30 Minutes finds t.A.T.u. back in their milieu - a haunting, expressive melody expertly layered over a lush, orchestral backing track as the girls give full reign to their dueling vocals. The video also features the members of t.A.T.u. making out with each other.

  • 6. White Robe

    White Robe, from t.A.T.u.’s third record, “Waste Management,” uses an intricate, house-inflected dance beat to emphasize Yulia Volkova’s moving lyrical disquisition on the fragility of life. The video features the members of the band wandering around in their underwear.

  • 5. Dangerous And Moving

    At once anthemic and textured, Dangerous and Moving finds t.A.T.u. doing what they do best: Rocking out. The song’s title is particularly apt in this case.

  • 4. All My Love

    t.A.T.u.’s gift for the anthem has been well documented, but All My Love is perhaps the most affecting of their work with the form.

  • 3. Sparks

    Sparks shows a lighter side of the normally serious duo. In addition to showcasing Lena Katina’s considerable vocal range, Sparks is a landmark example of Yulia Volkova’s impressive abilities as a lyricist in her own right. The video features both members of the band in their lingerie.

  • 2. Friend Or Foe

    A wry nod in the direction of American hitmakers like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, Friend or Foe demonstrates that t.A.T.u. are perfectly capable of writing a chart-friendly hook without sacrificing their integrity as a band.

  • 1. All The Things She Said

    What can you say about All The Things She Said that hasn’t already been said a hundred times? Arguably t.A.T.u.’s most accessible track, ATTS is a perfect showcase for the band’s unique marriage of textured dance beats and powerful New Wave-influenced melodic hooks. The video features the members of the band making out with each other in the rain.