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The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened

Since the concept of "Cute" was first dreamed up some time around the invention of cats in 30 B.C., a great many cute things have happened. But these were the very cutest of all.

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18. The photobooth proposal that totally worked.


"These are the pictures from when we got engaged. I have no idea in frames one and two and am really confused in frame three (lets never make that face again!) and really surprised in frame four."


And then settled down to watch a piece about herself on the local news. It goes without saying that this was a great day for big pugs, little pugs, strollers, and parasols alike. Possibly one of the greatest.

24. Or (for God's sake) the seeing-eye pug who helps her blind pug friend get around.


The blind pug, Elly, is on the right. Her sighted pug friend Franky is always at her side to make sure she doesn't get lost.

26. Then there was the time we all learned what happens when you burn someone's feelings.

Flickr: passiveaggressive / Via

The story behind this note is that the long-suffering father who received it had postponed a beach trip with his 8-year-old daughter until he could finish watching the football game.

29. There was a partially paralyzed kanagaroo who became a therapy animal for an Oklahoma woman suffering from depression.

Sue Ogrock / AP

After a stroke, and a debilitating depression, and an attempted suicide, Christie Carr found new meaning volunteering at a wildlife refuge, where she met Irwin, a five-month-old kangaroo who had partially paralyzed himself after hopping into a fence.

The town of Broken Arrow unanimously voted to create an exemption to their exotic animals ordinance so that the inseparable Carr and Irwin could continue their lives together.

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