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10 Powerful "Before" And "After" Pictures Of Rescued Animals

[WARNING: Some of the "Before" pics are graphic.] Here are 10 happy endings for animals who found their way to New York's Farm Sanctuary, which provides homes for animals rescued from abusive situations. You can visit some of these guys at Farm Sanctuary's New York or California locations. (Thanks for passing these along, Meredith!)

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5. Nikki and Babies Before

After massive flooding in the Midwest in 2008, thousands of pigs were abandoned in factory farms. Among them was Nikki, who managed to save herself and gave birth in a levee. She kept her babies safe until rescuers arrived.

8. Hilda Before

Hilda was left in a pile of animal carcasses at a feedlot in Pennsylvania, but was able to slightly raise her head when her rescuer arrived to signal that she was still alive.

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