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10 Powerful "Before" And "After" Pictures Of Rescued Animals

[WARNING: Some of the "Before" pics are graphic.] Here are 10 happy endings for animals who found their way to New York's Farm Sanctuary, which provides homes for animals rescued from abusive situations. You can visit some of these guys at Farm Sanctuary's New York or California locations. (Thanks for passing these along, Meredith!)

1. Velma Before

Velma After

2. Swoozie Before

Swoozie After

3. Riley Before

Riley After

4. Opie Before

Opie After

5. Nikki and Babies Before

Nikki and Babies After

6. Johnny Damon Before

Johnny Damon After

7. Jack Before

Jack After

8. Hilda Before

Hilda After

9. Elliott Before

Elliott After

10. Angie Before

Angie After