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    11 Reasons To Move To The Arctic

    If you are looking for a fun, low-rent, family-oriented place to live, the Arctic is exactly the place for you. These are all pictures from the new Warner Bros. video "To The Arctic" (which is available on Tuesday).

    Hi! Welcome to the Arctic! There's so much to do here!

    1. In the Arctic, family values are extremely important. This is because family values are essentially the only thing in the Arctic other than snow.

    2. The Arctic is a GREAT place to just kick back and relax.

    3. Kissing is encouraged.

    4. If you are feeling reflective, you can go for a walk by yourself.

    5. Otherwise, you can bring a few friends!

    6. Polar bear storytime is not to be missed.

    7. And if you're in the mood for exercise, the Arctic is a great place for swimming.

    8. The sights are somewhat uniform (snow and ice), but they are very lovely.

    9. Walrus parties are a good way to have some low-key fun.

    10. But the seal parties is where the paparazzi are at, if that's your thing.

    11. Most importantly, once you get to the Arctic, they will tell you "the secret of the Arctic," but you have to go there to learn it, so.

    See you soon!

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