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25 Perfectly Timed Cat Photos

With a lot of patience and a bit of luck, anyone with a camera can catch a cat's true nature. Here are 25 times that's happened in a particularly exceptional fashion.

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3. The Magician's Apprentice


This move's a tough one because it requires a human partner who is both cool and magical — a combination that is sadly in short supply in this degraded era.

15. The "Here Comes the Airplane"


Protip: Cats don't give a damn about "here comes the airplane" any more than babies do, but if you put cream in a spoon, they will lick that spoon whether you tell 'em it's an airplane or not.

17. The True Lovers


When cats touch their butts together and make a heart with their tails, it's actually a form of love that is so far beyond our own meager capacity for emotional attachment that it's essentially beyond our comprehension. Looks nice, though.

23. The Victory Dance


Even smallish victories, like upending the litter box, or chewing through someone's shoelaces, can bring this about — so have your camera ready at all times.

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