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25 Perfectly Timed Cat Photos

With a lot of patience and a bit of luck, anyone with a camera can catch a cat's true nature. Here are 25 times that's happened in a particularly exceptional fashion.

1. The Outstretched Paw


An offer of peace, or a promise of annihilation? It's impossible to tell, but it's probably the latter, knowing cats and all.

2. The Impending Doom


On the bright side, Death by Kitten is consistently voted as the #1 preferred mode of demise by those polled.

3. The Magician's Apprentice


This move's a tough one because it requires a human partner who is both cool and magical — a combination that is sadly in short supply in this degraded era.

4. The Copycat


Earnest, heartfelt imitation only for this one — none of your holier-than-thou feline mockery.

5. The Surprise Kiss


More of a surprise lick, actually, which is both harder to pull off and vastly more unpleasant.

6. The Sheer Malice


This requires a patient photographer and a cat who is primarily motivated by pure evil. It's a far more common combination than you might expect.

7. The Face of the Campaign


In case you've ever wondered who the mysterious marketing geniuses are behind Meow Mix.

8. The One-Two Punch


It's easy enough to photograph a cat punching a Pomeranian — happens every day — but the expression of pure outrage is the real payoff here.

9. The Accidentally on Purpose


All you need for this is a cat and a very expensive vase, and you can just sit back and let nature do the rest.

10. This Guy

11. No, seriously. This guy.

12. The Levitating Couch Potato


It takes a true master of being a cat to fly backwards through the air and yet still somehow look lazy.

13. The Double Lick

This particular Double Lick is a bit of a cheat, as both of these cats have unusually tasty noses.

14. The Bodyguard


Just throw on "I Will Always Love You," get out your camera, and your cat will almost certainly handle the rest.

15. The "Here Comes the Airplane"


Protip: Cats don't give a damn about "here comes the airplane" any more than babies do, but if you put cream in a spoon, they will lick that spoon whether you tell 'em it's an airplane or not.

16. The Cat Beard


Protip: Way easier than actually taking the time to grow a real cat beard is just getting your cat to look up at your glasses at exactly the right time.

17. The True Lovers


When cats touch their butts together and make a heart with their tails, it's actually a form of love that is so far beyond our own meager capacity for emotional attachment that it's essentially beyond our comprehension. Looks nice, though.

18. The Extra-Long Cat


This one's super easy: You just need an old desk and one really, really surprisingly long cat.

19. The Unpleasant Surprise

Ten times out of ten, The Unpleasant Surprise is 100% deserved, and is actually just a form of cosmic justice.

20. Baby You're a Firework

Most rocket-propelled cats can pull this one off for you if you ask them nicely.

21. The Reckless Driver


This one can be a little dangerous, and you should definitely practice it in the driveway before going onto the highway to get the shot you need.

22. The Complete Idiot

Via Flickr: 30157840@N02


23. The Victory Dance


Even smallish victories, like upending the litter box, or chewing through someone's shoelaces, can bring this about — so have your camera ready at all times.

24. The Weight Watchers


This one's almost impossible to get because it's really hard to find a cat who is conscious about his or her weight.

25. The "You Think I'm Just a Normal Cat But I DO A CRAZY DANCE WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING"

Via Flickr: snicker

Best of the bunch right here.

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