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    Introducing Pokey: Grumpy Cat's Only Slightly Less Grumpy Younger Brother

    There's no prize for being the second most grumpy cat on the Internet, but frankly, there damn well should be. Anyway, Pokey is Grumpy's brother and he's not particularly happy about it. Or anything! Harrumph!

    In this picture, Pokey is grumpy because he has realized that he will never be quite as grumpy as his sister, Grumpy Cat. In other words, Pokey is being meta-grumpy, which is impressive, and difficult to pull off while also frowning significantly.

    "I hate flowers and the garden," says Pokey. "Like all things, they just kind of generally bum me out."

    Pokey doesn't dislike dressing up in women's clothes as much as he dislikes most things, but he certainly doesn't like it. To be honest, it makes him wistful more than anything else.

    Back to hating the garden again.


    Pokey doesn't hate you personally, he just finds you to be vaguely contemptuous. This photo shows Pokey registering a generalized disdain for you. Pokey has a much wider range of emotions than his sister, Grumpy Cat.

    A rare photo of Pokey being actually kind of maybe a bit grumpier than his sister, Grumpy Cat. Yay, Pokey! You won for once in your life. The end.