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    4 Happy Stories Of Cats Reunited With Their Owners

    For anyone who's ever felt sad looking at a "Lost Cat" sign, here are some lovely reunion stories that will make you smile. These are a few of the stories collected by the authors of Lost Cat, a beautifully illustrated book about the lost-and-found cat Tibby that seeks to discover what exactly the hell it is that cats do when we're not around.

    Simba the Tornado Cat

    When Simba and his family hid in a basement to wait out a serious tornado, Simba freaked out and ran away. The massive storm destroyed 7,500 homes, including the one belonging to Simba's family, the Kents.

    In the aftermath of the storm, they searched everywhere for their beloved cat, but eventually began to accept that he must have been just one more casualty of the storm.

    One and half years later, Jan Kent and her family went back to the old neighborhood to walk around. Suddenly a cat who looked like Simba appeared. Jan called, "Simba!" He recognized them and trotted over and back into their lives. The storm that had destroyed so much had given back something precious.

    Sophia and the seven-year absence

    Tricia Osterman received a special present for Christmas this past year when she got a call from the San Diego Humane Society, 400 miles away from her home in Phoenix.

    Tricia's cat Sophia, who had been missing for seven years, had turned up at the San Diego shelter, where they checked her for a microchip.

    Tricia rushed to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to anxiously await the arrival of her cat. It was an emotional day for Tricia, as tears of joy streamed down from her face.

    "It's a Christmas miracle," she said.

    Bubbles the Hitchhiking Cat

    When Bubbles the cat took a morning nap on top of her neighbor's van, she never expected she'd end up having the ride of her life, clinging to the roof as the van zoomed down the highway at 50mph.

    Fortunately, astute commuters noticed her predicament and signaled the driver to pull over.

    Over the next week, Bubbles' frantic owner was looking everywhere for her beloved cat — then someone brought to her attention an article about the van incident, and the pair were happily reunited.

    Holly's Vacation

    The Richter family were on vacation in Daytona Beach when fireworks spooked their cat Holly, and she ran out of their RV and disappeared. The family searched for her for days, but eventually had to return home to Palm Beach, 190 miles away.

    Two months later, a neighbor noticed a thin and starving cat crawl into her yard. A trip to the shelter and a microchip scan revealed that it was Holly herself. She had found her way back home — over 200 miles and a two-month journey — to be reunited with her family.