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The 35 Happiest Moments In Animal History

There are many happy moments in Happy Animal History, but these are the happiest. Makes you wonder why people even bother to study other kinds of history at all.

1. The first time this kitten discovered her passion for vomiting on the carpet.

2. The moment when this lamb finally saved up enough to afford an oversized dog carrier in a good neighborhood with decent public transit access.

3. The day when this corgi first realized she was a corgi and basically could do whatever she wanted for the rest of her life.

4. The moment when this otter broke the world otter record for longest unbroken yawn.

5. The day top hamster scientists discovered sawdust.

6. And the glorious Kitten-in-a-Pocket event from the same year.

7. The day when this silver fox got his first professional belly rub.

8. The first ever National Actual Pig In An Actual Blanket Day

9. The day when this hamster's friends threw her a surprise party.

10. The infamous moment when one lucky elephant found a really great stick.

11. That one time when Corgnelius the corgi had a hot date.

12. The joyous occasion when a chinchilla woke up from a nap and found that some philanthropist had left him a giant ball with some straw in it.

13. The glorious moment when the seals discovered photobombing.

14. "Just Stick Your Head Through It" Day, 1999

15. And "Just Stick Your Head Through It" Day, 2001

16. The first day after the amazing discovery of naturally occurring baby elephant-sized soccer balls.

17. That time when this duck decided to start going with a "windblown" look.

18. The great Puppy Bathtime incident of 2010

19. The morning of the first ever donkey selfie.

20. The infamous moment when the baby goat community embraced "hopping around" as an officially sanctioned form of frolicking.

21. The day when this English bulldog finally mustered up the courage to shout to the world "I love my duck!"

22. Pretty much any time when two parrots fall in love.

23. The momentous day when Kushy the yorkie was able to eat both of her owners' slippers and track mud all over the house.

24. Treats. Any time the forecast calls for treats.

25. Owl Appreciation Day, 2006

26. That time when a Shiba Inu decided to help you organize your apartment.

27. Every time a quokka has ever done anything.

28. Baby Cheetahs' Night Out, April 2013

29. That time when the cat got grounded.

30. Bring Your Panda To Work Day, 1995

31. Seal Beach Week*

32. The moment when this whale learned he had gotten into the school he wanted.

33. The infamous stolen cheeseburger incident of '89.

34. Funny Hat Friday at the chihuahua office.

35. And the day when Mr. Mittens got found.