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The 30 Greatest Animal Photobombs Of 2013

To be a truly great animal photobomber you must first be an artist. After that, obviously, you have to be an animal of some kind. These are the animals who 'bombed the best in 2013.

30. The 'Ruined Your Selfie'

Ruining a bunny's selfie is one of the lowest things you can do, morally, but we are not here to judge, we are here to behold, and this is a pretty well-ruined bunny selfie.

29. The Inception Photobomb

Caters News Agency Ltd

The first fish is probably laughing with you, but the background fish takes it one level deeper into full-blown mockery.

28. The Botched 'Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls' Scenario

"I guess just draw my upper half like the upper half of one of your French girls and then crop my dumb younger brother out?"

27. The 'Ruined Your Headshot'

In case you're wondering why none of the canine talent agencies called you back about a role in some ponderous doggy biopic, the answer is in the lower left of your headshot.

26. The 'I Made It Better, You're Welcome' Photobomb

Don't try this one at home unless you are a hummingbird. It doesn't usually work this well.

25. The 'LOL, I Can Breathe Underwater'

A very specific type of photobomb, and difficult to pull off as it involves both gills and a perfect smile, but it's by far the most effective way to make non-underwater-breathers look stupid.

24. The 'This Is What You Look Like'

Your disastrous photoshoot for the cover of Cat MENSA magazine, etched forever in the collective memory.

23. The 'Do YOU Come With The Apartment?' Photobomb

Subtle, discreet, and devastating. A photobomb of this level of technical difficulty requires hours of planning, patience, and dedication to the craft. Seamlessly executed.

22. The 'I Am Your Face'

For everyone (and God knows there were a lot of us) in 2013 who said, "I wonder what the bottom half of my face would look like if the bottom half of my face was a dog's face."

21. The '#NoFilter / Also I Am A Bee!'

Photobombing a cup of coffee is basically avant-garde and certainly not for everyone, but then, so is being a bee.

20. The Surprise Ferret

There is very little that is quite so surprising as a surprise ferret, even if you happen to be a ferret yourself.

19. The Advanced 'This Is What You Look Like'

A 'This Is What You Look Like' photobomb is judged according to (A) the seriousness of the victim and (B) how far you can stick your tongue out when you are 'bombing them. This one is flawless.

18. The Minimalist

"LOL, why are you taking a picture of a wall in the first place? You should be thanking me."

17. The Reverse 'This Is What You Look Like'

An extremely difficult photobomb to pull off as it requires impeccable timing. Double points for doing it to a corgi, an animal that is traditionally immune to mockery.

16. The Party Dolphin / Via Twitter: @NatlAquarium

"You think your family looks happy? You think you all look like you are having 'the time of your lives'? Well, think again and MAKE WAY FOR THE PARTY DOLPHIN."

15. The 'I Want Your Apple'

"He who pauses to Instagram his apple core will not hold onto it for long."

- A very common saying among squirrels

14. The 'This Is What You Look Like,' Horse Edition

Of all the 'This Is What You Look Like' animal photobombers this year, only one of them had the audacity to be a horse.

13. The 'Oops, I Ate Your Face' Camel

A great many of the world's finest animal photobombs are great because they are subtle. But subtlety will only get you so far.

12. The 'Who, Me?'

The level of difficulty for this photobomb increases along with the chances that it might be fatal.

11. The Full-Contact Husky

This truly selfless disregard for physical well-being in the pursuit of a truly perfect 'bomb inspired countless huskies to be better huskies in 2013.

10. The 'I'm Almost Certainly Going To Attack You After This'

The 'bomb itself is just a variation on a classic 'This Is What You Look Like,' but the powerful kinetic energy of this photo speaks eloquently about how the contemplative moments in our lives are mere way stations along the road to getting violently knocked off the bed.

9. The Food Critic

No matter how many marshmallows you decorate your weird fruit basket with, you are never safe from the critics. (It's worth remembering that this is a metaphor for your weird life and not just a truism about your weird fruit basket.)

8. The Devil On Your Shoulder

About 90% of the time, Evil sleeps quietly in a sunbeam, but that doesn't mean you should ever count it out.

7. The Sonogram

The level of difficulty on this photobomb is completely off the charts.

6. The Hater Horse

Mercilessly mocking perfectly innocent children takes a very special kind of horse, and while some people may find haters distasteful, you have to admire a true master of the craft.

5. The Unexpected Giraffe

If you thought ferrets were surprising, wait until you get a face-ful of giraffe tongue. Some people never recover from a 'bomb this good.

4. The 'OMG, Rude!'

REX USA/Newspix / Rex

A word to the wise - if you take a trip to Gorilla Town, keep your bananas in your damn pockets. This is not a metaphor.

3. The 'This Is What I Think Of Your Wedding'

It is often said that the one thing in this universe more powerful than True Love is a cat's bottom. A cat's bottom is basically the 'rock' to True Love's 'scissors.' Utterly devastating.

2. The Revolutionary

Not since the Treaty of Paris in 1783 have the redcoats taken such a blow as was dealt to them by this horse this year.

1. The Whale

Twitter: @raubrey

It is not an exaggeration to say that 2013 was a year that basically had its way with us, and there is no better enactment of that truth than this whale giving a baby seagull the photobombing of its life.

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