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The 30 Greatest Animal Photobombs Of 2013

To be a truly great animal photobomber you must first be an artist. After that, obviously, you have to be an animal of some kind. These are the animals who 'bombed the best in 2013.

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25. The 'LOL, I Can Breathe Underwater'

A very specific type of photobomb, and difficult to pull off as it involves both gills and a perfect smile, but it's by far the most effective way to make non-underwater-breathers look stupid.


23. The 'Do YOU Come With The Apartment?' Photobomb

Subtle, discreet, and devastating. A photobomb of this level of technical difficulty requires hours of planning, patience, and dedication to the craft. Seamlessly executed.


19. The Advanced 'This Is What You Look Like'

A 'This Is What You Look Like' photobomb is judged according to (A) the seriousness of the victim and (B) how far you can stick your tongue out when you are 'bombing them. This one is flawless.

17. The Reverse 'This Is What You Look Like'

An extremely difficult photobomb to pull off as it requires impeccable timing. Double points for doing it to a corgi, an animal that is traditionally immune to mockery.


10. The 'I'm Almost Certainly Going To Attack You After This'

The 'bomb itself is just a variation on a classic 'This Is What You Look Like,' but the powerful kinetic energy of this photo speaks eloquently about how the contemplative moments in our lives are mere way stations along the road to getting violently knocked off the bed.

9. The Food Critic

No matter how many marshmallows you decorate your weird fruit basket with, you are never safe from the critics. (It's worth remembering that this is a metaphor for your weird life and not just a truism about your weird fruit basket.)


3. The 'This Is What I Think Of Your Wedding'

It is often said that the one thing in this universe more powerful than True Love is a cat's bottom. A cat's bottom is basically the 'rock' to True Love's 'scissors.' Utterly devastating.

1. The Whale

Twitter: @raubrey

It is not an exaggeration to say that 2013 was a year that basically had its way with us, and there is no better enactment of that truth than this whale giving a baby seagull the photobombing of its life.