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The 30 Greatest Moments In The History Of Cute

These are the moments that defined a generation.

1. When the Pug Council convened to write the Great Pug Accords of 2012 and ended up just talking about pug stuff and then taking a nap.

2. When one intrepid cat climbed past the very last hurdle on his lifelong quest to boop a horse.

3. The memorable "rat with a stuffed dog in a toilet roll" incident of 2013.

4. When this cat secretly had rather a happy birthday despite his lousy attitude.

5. The first days of the powerful Puppy/Baby Alliance.

6. ... and its lasting effects throughout history.

7. The somewhat more problematic first days of the shaky cat/baby alliance.

8. And its quick, unfortunate conclusion.

9. The brave cat men and women heroes who agreed to go undercover as teddy bears.

10. And the first successful attempts by wartime feline engineers to create convincing decoy cats to fool the enemy.

11. When the bunnies all suddenly became simultaneously self-aware.

12. And when a pioneering guinea pig scientist first discovered carrots.

13. The historic discovery by the neighbor's dogs of the hole in the fence.

14. And the very first time a pet rat said "Whatcha doin'?"

15. This iconic photo of the first cat in flight.

16. The great "wombat in a handbag" cataclysm of 2008.

17. The legendary, unsolved mystery of the disappearing balloon, and the tenacious cat detective who refused to let the case go.

18. The winners of the first ever Collaborative Interspecies Selfie competition.

19. The beginning of the best daddy-doggy road trip of all time.

20. Quick Oats-gate.

21. That time when the poms risked extreme weather conditions to bravely visit the park from Full House.

22. The first sloth ever to have the energy and tenacity to actually look up.

23. The dastardly stolen kiss that shook the prairie dog community

24. The day when the bunnies went to the grocery store.

25. ... and left without paying.

26. The great "bring your own penguin" dog sleepover of 1998.

27. And the legendary sloth/teddy bear party from the same year.

28. The day of the perfect crime and the perfect punishment.

29. The shocking discovery of the most forbidden love of all.

30. And, of course, that time that kitten got in that sock and changed the world forever.

The end.