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12 Facts About "The Baby-Sitters Club" That Will Blow Your Mind

OK, "blow your mind" is maybe a trifle strong, but let's talk about The Baby-Sitters Club!

1. Kirsten Dunst's first modeling job was posing for the book cover for "Claudia And The Phantom Phone Calls."

2. The truth about Stacey is that she has diabetes. She's also boy crazy - a fact that is addressed in BSC #8, "Boy-Crazy Stacey," where she has her first kiss (of, presumably, many) in the "Tunnel of Luv."

3. The saddest Baby-Sitters' Club book is #26, "Claudia And The Sad Good-Bye." In it, Claudia's grandmother Mimi, who is probably the nicest character in the series, straight-up DIES IN HER SLEEP. Utterly devastating.

OK, I get that those two weren't so much "facts" as reminiscences about the BSC, but if reminiscing about the BSC is wrong, I don't want to be right. You know? But anyway, here's something a little more substantial ...

4. Ann Martin based the character of Mary Anne on herself. She based the character of Kristy on her childhood best friend, Beth, who she's still friends with! This makes me like Mary Anne slightly less, tbh. Fave babysitter now is Stacey I guess. :(

5. If the BSC girls had aged in real time, they would have been 28-years-old by the time they graduated from middle school. Which would have been creepy and depressing.

6. On the cover of BSC #25, "Mary Anne And The Search For Tigger," Tigger's bowl says "Tigger" on it, and includes the quotes. Which, like, does that mean that Tigger was only in Mary Anne's imagination the whole time?

7. BSC is on PRODIGY!

8. The Babysitter's Club dolls are pretty legit.

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9. Claudia’s crazy outfits were the result of Ann M. Martin's "poring over catalogues and magazines and seeing what kids were wearing on television."

10. There's totally a BSC graphic novel!

11. There are two different Sabrina Bouviers in BSC, because of a mistake. So evidently "Sabrina Bouvier" is like the "Jane Smith" of Ann M. Martin's crazy, terrifying world.

12. Where are they now, according to Ann M. Martin?

Kristy is “probably the head of something, maybe a business.”

Claudia’s an artist.

Stacey’s doing “something in fashion, not necessarily design, but maybe the business end."

Mary Anne’s a teacher.

Jessi is still “passionate about dance, but not a professional.”

Dawn is “permanently in California.”

And Mallory? Ann M. Martin does not have any "strong feelings" about Mallory.

Sorry, Mallory. I guess that's what you fucking get for going on strike.