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    Check Out All This Cool Vintage Redskins Gear!!!


    I found this super cool vintage Redskins sweatshirt in the back of my closet today and I thought it would be fun to have a look at all the awesome vintage Redskins gear that's out there!

    Like this fun and cute mascot toy from back in the day!

    Or this majestic "Showdown" t-shirt from yesteryear.

    Merry Christmas from the Redskins!

    Your Christmas gift is a bunch of these super fun back issues of "The Redskin," The Redskins' official program from the '50s.

    The Redskinsettes approve!

    They are like, "We love all this old Redskins gear! Braves on the warpath!"

    The alternative Redskins logo from 1960-1965 approves as well. "Cool gear!" he is saying. "Go Redskins!"

    "We salute you," say the Redskinsettes. "Great stuff."

    "Wave your vintage Redskins pennants with pride!"