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    16 Cats Who Are So Out Of Here

    Sometimes the best thing to do is abandon any hope of dignity and just leave.

    1. This cat who just realized she's been calling you by the wrong first name since she met you.

    2. This poor creature who just remembered she agreed to help her friends move this weekend.

    3. This cat who suddenly remembered she's presenting at a 9 a.m. meeting that she never prepared for.

    4. These two guys who were in the middle of chasing a ball of paper when you asked them if they'd be willing to read some of your poetry.

    5. These fantastic specimens who believe that your hallways are actually the hallowed slopes of DK Mountain.

    6. This young gentleman who took a wrong turn and ended up in one of those bad, scary parts of the internet.

    7. This cat who finally discovered that the laser pointer is actually pointing toward his own inevitable demise.

    8. These feline entrepreneurs who meddled too much with the dark, sinister magic of the vacuum cleaner.

    9. And this fifth-level technophobe who discovered the curious horrors of the toaster.

    10. This beautiful creature who got all dressed up and then remembered she had no place to go.

    11. And this dashing young man who got all dressed up and remembered he never much liked going out in the first place.

    12. This poor animal who just learned the tragic lesson that the things you love the most will sometimes turn on you in really just an incredibly traumatizing way.

    13. This cat, who just found out that the "social media" panel he was at was actually just a glorified sales pitch.

    14. This self-help enthusiast who attempted to "confront her demons" and found out that they were LITERALLY REAL.

    15. And this cat who just remembered that, honestly, pretty much everything in the entire world is frightening and confusing.


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