Cats Are Everywhere

Let's talk about the fact that cats are literally everywhere and what our feelings are about that.

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Cats. They are everywhere.

The reason for your mistake is that cats, steeped as they are in the dark mysteries of the universe, are masters of disguise.

And if this picture of a trashy couch with some pillows and soft toys could speak, it would divulge a secret that would amaze and frighten you. "There is also," it would say, in a whisper, "a cat here."

And here, an empty bed cries out for the warmth of an occupant. "Will no one rest their weary limbs upon me?" it seems to implore. But hush! Look again. Not with your eyes, but with your inner sight. Is this bed truly as empty as it seems?

For, crowded as this world may be, it is ultimately in solitude that we must shuffle through our lives.

The end.