Cat And Guinea Pig BFFs

We take a very short break from our continuing hedgehog coverage to bring you this cat and guinea pig who are best friends. They are called Skitty and Bagel, and they love each other very much. (via

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Despite being from two different species, Skitty and Bagel have similar markings, which makes them natural companions because they match, and can be coordinated with the furniture.

"I just don't see what the problem is," says Skitty. "Some of my best friends are guinea pigs. In fact, my only friend is a guinea pig. I don't really have a frame of reference. Why are we talking about this?"

"My attitude," says Bagel, "is that if something is furry and warm and has similar markings to me, that's good enough for me. After all, I am just a guinea pig. I don't have strong opinions."