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    Jun 13, 2013

    Animals Without Necks

    For anyone who has ever said, "I really love animals, but I wish they didn't have necks." Plenty more at this, the most important of neckless-animal-themed subreddits, Animals without necks. (DesignTaxi, via Joe)

    We will start with a strutting kitten. Note that he has no neck, not even the smallest part of a neck, and yet he is happy.

    Here, two majestic neckless giraffes saunter, necklessly, across the Serengeti or whatever.

    Dancing neckless polar bears are a non-cervical ursine species commonly found in low-ceilinged Arctic dance clubs.

    Watch one dance.

    Here, a fat, neckless giraffe-type creature contemplates her necklessness and wonders where it all went wrong.

    Oh my! Is that a neckless pit bull? I rather think it is. Just look at this guy! He doesn't even have a neck.

    Neckless corgis frolic, necklessly, on the beach.

    And a neckless baby bison gambols across the plain. Necklessly, of course.

    Here, a neckless elephant can be seen crossing the road without a care in the world. Or a neck.

    And, of course, the neckless cheetah - one of the fastest and least neckful creatures ever to exist. Look at her, gazing, necklessly, into the future.

    Bye bye. / Via

    N.B.: This terrifying gentleman is named Funny Horsie. Watch him explain Communism here.

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