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21 Amazing Animals Who Defied The Odds

These heroic animals overcame incredible odds in their quests to live their very best lives in a human world. Take inspiration from them.

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1. The Australian goat who sought and found justice.

2. The French chipmunk assassins who were determined to see the world.

3. The evil jellyfish who had a change of heart.

4. The heroic horses who got the last laugh on some wicked rodeo queens.


5. The vigilante badger who finally got up and did something about Britain's declining moral standards.

6. The self-actualizing parrots who refused to let the Australian government tell them what to do.

7. The brave blue tits who wouldn't let the man keep them down.

8. The determined seal who refused to give up.

9. The anarchistic deer who became tired of society's "rules."

10. The activist bear who knew how to get what she wanted.

11. The brave huskies who refused to be victims.

12. The resourceful cat who found his true calling despite being named Denis.

13. The pink-clad pooch who found the man of her dreams.

14. The sea lion who wanted more from life than the sea could offer her.

15. The baby seal who just wanted to relax.

16. The evil goat who finally did something about Utah's paperboy problem.

17. The unapologetic cats who weren't afraid of "the man."

18. The frisky koalas who got the better of One Direction.

19. The hungry seagull who took the law into her own hands.

20. The purple squirrel who refused to be defined.

21. And these gay penguins.

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