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25 Animal Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Animals

Animals have been much-maligned in the press for insisting on walking around naked, constant licking of things, and an outright refusal to learn the language. But here are 25 promising signs that they are at least trying to make things right.

1. A hardworking chihuahua getting a massage after a long day at the office.

2. A chubby frenchie taking a break on a swing.

3. A pom going for a quick, unremarkable post-prandial stroll.

4. Two dogs who have befriended a loaf of bread.

5. Two lovers sharing a first kiss.

6. A cat having an existential crisis in a sink...

7. ... a cat having an existential crisis in a Pringles can.

8. ... and a cat having an existential crisis in a shoebox.

9. A baby raccoon indulging in a quick game of peekaboo.

10. A cat and a child at a diplomatic summit.

11. Two noble dogs graduating from obedience school with honors.

12. The world's first rabbit chef.

13. Two friends sharing a secret that could change the world.

14. A hamster who just doesn't want to hear it.

15. A professional hole-digger hard at work.

16. Two kittens fighting for their lives in outfits made of socks.

17. A wombat contemplating how delightful it is to be a wombat.

18. A feline fashion model caught in a candid photograph.

19. The world's most contented dog.

20. A crafty hedgehog in a mug.

21. A shopping cart full of huskies on their way to the husky convention.

22. A bunny rabbit so poor, she has a bucket at her office instead of a desk chair.

23. Two kitten construction workers on their way to the worksite.

24. A perfect rabbit pyramid.

25. And a feline performance artist in the middle of a one-cat show about Chaos.