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Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Jul 10, 2012

21 Animal Accessories That You Urgently Need In Your Life

If you are wearing anything that is not these things, you may not be living your best life right now. (With thanks to Peggy, who is essentially the world's expert on this important topic).

1. This Grizzly Bear Sleeping Bag

So you can sleep comfortably after a long, satisfying day of frightening people in the woods.

2. This Silver Plated Adjustable Cat Ring With Blue Zirconia Eyes

So you can show people that you are the kind of person who can handle anything.

3. This Shark Attack Sleeping Bag

So you can sleep with the fishes.

4. These Glorious Monster Hoodies


So you can (a) be the coolest person in your group of friends, and (b) pretend to bite people with your elbows, which is essentially the same as (a).

5. This Lazy Cat Ring

So you can show people that you mean business.

6. These Googly-Eyed Cat Sweaters

So that everyone will know that you are always vigilant and maybe slightly terrifying, but also that you have excellent taste in sweaters.

7. These Pug Hats For Babies

(Babies and pugs not included.)

8. This Stealing Kitty Piggy Bank

So you can freak out your cats and save money at the same time.

9. This Japanese Hokkaido Dog T-Shirt

So everyone will know what your favorite kind of dog is.

10. This Emerald-Eyes Cat Dress

So you can be the belle of the ball (and, I guess, make everyone else at the ball think that a cat is ominously staring at them from inside your chest).

11. This "Raining Cats And Dogs" Umbrella

12. This Cat-Face Watch

So that every minute of your life will be right meow.

13. These Depressed Kittens Notebooks

For writing about your feeeeelings.

14. This Hat

Clearly, this hat.

15. This Cat Flag T-Shirt

16. This Pug-Face T-Shirt

Obviously (so you can have a great big pug face on your T-shirt).

17. These Animal Clothes-Hangers

18. This Cat Sweater ...

19. This Cat Sweater ...

20. This Cat Sweater ...

21. And This Cat In A Sweater

His name is Reginald.

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