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    30 Animal Pictures That Will Make You A Better Person

    When, years from now, you are asked by your adoring fans what the moment was that turned your life around, you will answer briefly but cryptically: "It all started with a goofy dog successfully entertaining a baby ..."

    1. A goofy dog successfully entertaining a baby:

    2. An evil, half-vampire hedgehog warming up after a long night of terrorizing the living:

    3. An unexpected but extremely welcome visit:

    4. A kitten who is outraged and affronted by the audacity of her human companion:

    5. A cat who is unimpressed by the weather report:

    6. An anonymous hero helping out some ducklings in their hour of need:

    7. An orphaned pony whose best friend is a concerned-looking teddy bear:

    8. A dramatic bunny somersault:

    9. A miserable cat being pushed in a parambulator:

    10. A cat who is almost certainly about to start a sentence with the phrase, "I don't always sit on cat trees ..."

    11. A blind stray being comforted by his newly adoptive brother.

    12. The weird canine equivalent of a couple walking around with their hands in each others' pockets:

    13. An overweight hamster angrily eating a tiny pizza:

    14. An English bulldog trying to decide whether she likes being licked by a cow:

    15. A pug having a bad time on a road trip:

    16. A wistful cat pining for her beloved:

    17. A kitten getting booped by an ingenious fuzzy ball on a spring:

    18. An extremely enthusiastic cat hug-attacking a bored dog:

    19. A chow puppy who can't get out of a bowl:

    20. The most terrifying hiccup of all time:

    21. Two hugging kittens simultaneously sleep-yawning:

    22. A fierce lion of the savannah terrorizing his helpless prey:

    23. The happiest moment in one young bulldog's life:

    24. A joyful moment between a boy and his chicken:

    25. The dramatic Charge of the Feline Light Brigade:

    26. A pug in a lifejacket triumphantly facing her destiny:

    27. A smug seal saying, "Am I right guys?":

    28. A brave cat making an unexpected friend:

    29. A nosy neighbor who is highly suspicous of the new fake raven decoration:

    30. And two best friends riding off into the sunset:

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