16 Reasons Hedgehogs Are Better Than Politicians

This November, 100 percent of Americans who exercise their right to vote will be voting for a politician. But is that really sensible?

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In the U.S., we've spent the past year trying to decide which politician we like the most (or dislike the least). Literally ALL of this time is time that could have been spent focusing on hedgehogs.

Was this a mistake? Yes. In fact, this may have been the biggest mistake we have EVER made. Consider the facts:

2. The best possible time that a politician can have is when he or she is "filibustering," which is a fancy word for wasting everybody else's time without even having the decency to be interesting about it.

Politicians, on the other hand, are completely incapable of showing even a reasonable amount of restraint around rabbits, regardless of the potential danger to themselves, their loved ones, or, indeed, the United States of America.

16. Finally, here is a picture of a hedgehog in a slipper that is also a hedgehog, for Christ's sake. And you're still seriously thinking about voting for a politician in November? May God help us all.

Hedgehogs Vs. Politicians; YOU Decide!

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