• Puddle Of Judd

    Way better than the original. (from Spacekitten.)

  • Cosby Stills and Nash

    I always thought those guys could use a bit more Huxtable. (from Capitan)

  • House Of Caine

    “Michael Caine has more rhymes than the bible’s got psalms.” (from Acorn King.)

  • (Elton) Lil’ John

    This one’s actually just really disturbing. (from keithsoljacich.)

  • PJ Harvey Keitel

    A classic ’90s album taken to the next level with the addition of Mr. Keitel himself. I love this so much. (from Jeff.)

  • Urkel Rain

    I never meant to cause you sorrow. I only wanted to see you laughing in the Urkel Rain. (from oOo.)

  • Cage Against The Machine

    So fucking badass. (from keithsoljacich

  • Flock Of Seagals

    Tough guys for sure, but no match for Nicolas Cage Against The Machine if it came down to a fight. (from passos42.)

  • Run DMZ

    This one’s pretty intense. (from sarge

  • The Chronick

    Hi everybody! (from keithsoljacich.)

  • Marky Mark And The Brady Bunch

    Here’s the story of a man named Mark Wahlberg, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. (from Spacekitten.)

  • Earth Wind & Pryor

    Essential. (from Acorn King.)

  • A Tribe Called Guest

    This needs to be his next documentary. (from Paul Greer.)

  • Color Me Brad

    Amen, sister. (from Jennifer Mrazek.) You can find the rest of these here. There are tons more good ones.