• 1. Jabba the Hutt was a hermaphrodite

    Actually, all the Hutts are hermaphrodites.

  • 2. Cartman’s mom is a hermaphrodite

  • 3. You could have both male and female genitalia and not know it

    Sometimes, it takes an MRI.

  • 4. The rumor about Jamie Lee Curtis being a hermaphrodite is (probably) not true

    But people love to speculate! Just ask Lady Gaga (who, btw, is definitely a woman).

  • 5. About 1 in 1500 people are born intersex

    But about 1 percent of live births — 1 out of every hundred — exhibit some degree of sexual ambiguity.

  • 6. Hermaphrodite papayas are the best

    Male papayas don’t reproduce and female papayas need the males in order to do so, but hemraphrodite papayas can germinate themselves, making them awesome. (via)

  • 7. Sexual characteristics do not equal gender

    For instance: The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) still hasn’t decided what Caster Semenya’s gender status is for competition. (via)

  • 8. Hermaphrodite comes from the Greek

    The boring story is that the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, cleverly named Hermaphroditus, was fused with a female nymph who’d fallen in love with him, and they became one intersex being. (via)

  • 9. Did you know that connectors can be hermaphrodites?

    Now you do!

  • 10. Ambiguous Genitalia would be a great name for a band

    Just sayin’.