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These People Seriously Need To Take A Vacation

Take that time off! It's good for your health!

You know who needs to take a vacation?

Yeah, YOU...

...and most Americans, because 54% of employees in the US closed out 2016 with unused time off.

We're looking especially hard at you, KWEENZ.

Y'all really live like this?

Take your PTO! Both men and women are less likely to suffer from heart disease when they take vacations.

Vacations reduce stress too.

A well-planned trip can even give you energy!

And did you know that vacations actually help you perform better when you return to work?!

Take a dang vacation already! This could be you, but you playin'.

Stop sitting on those vacation days and plan a getaway today – doctor’s orders! Hear from the doctor himself, and see why he recommends a sun-soaked vacation to Kissimmee, Florida.

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