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Normal People Try To Define 12 Tax Terms

Taxes can be taxing. Get set for April 15 by listening to Experian's "Credit Curious: Tax Time Tips" on iHeartRadio.

We asked seven BuzzFeed employees to see if they know the definitions to these tax terms.

They didn't...but at least they tried.

1. What is a "1040"?

2. What is "Adjusted Gross Income"?

3. What is an "Itemized Deduction"?

4. What is "Voluntary Compliance"?

5. What is "Progressive Taxation"?

6. What is "Withholding"?

7. What is "Accelerated Depreciation"?

8. What are "Bearer Securities"?

9. What is a "Flag Of Convenience"?

10. What is "Jeopardy Assessment"?

11. What is a "Phantom Stock Plan"?

12. What is the "One Hundred and Eighty-Three Days' Rule"?

April 15 is fast approaching -- listen to some Tax Time Tips from Experian on iHeartRadio.

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