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14 Animals That Have Swagger For Days

Talk about animal magnetism. Whether you're cool or clumsy, you'll always have credit swagger with Experian.

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1. This stylish Shiba Inu in his #OOTD:

2. This sloth who's a total ladies' man:

3. This gorilla whose shirtless pic game is strong:



4. This owl who's mastered the wind-swept hair (err, feathers) look:

5. This cat who's purrfected the art of the selfie:


That feline looks fine.

6. This cheetah who's the definition of fierce:


Modeling can be a real pain.

7. This dog who's livin' dat life:

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8. This cat who goes from "Oh, no!" to "Oh, hello... ladies":

9. This jet-setting squirrel:

10. This dog who didn't choose swag life, swag life chose him:

11. This smooth-as-ice goat:

12. This spider with the best moves on the dance floor:

13. This trio of ducks whose fashion is on fleek:

14. And this kitten who just totally owned every dog ever:

You might not have the coolness of a selfie-taking cat, but Experian can get you the swagger that comes from confidently knowing your FICO® Score.

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