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15 Things We’d All Like To Do At The Drop Of A Hat

Spontaneity is super. And with Expedia’s award-winning travel app, getting away is as easy as getting out your phone.

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1. Move across the country to a brand new city:

samlavi / Via Flickr: samlavi

2. Leave some job that you absolutely can't stand:

Chris Costes / Via Flickr: 33852688@N08

3. Jump out of an airplane with another human strapped to your back:

La Chiquita / Via Flickr: lachiquita

4. Make one of those insanely delicious cakes that you've only dreamed about (and seen on Pinterest):

5. Elope! (Because love is great but planning a wedding is maddening):

pixeldustcreative / Via

6. Take that dream European vacation you always say that you'll do:

And by downloading Expedia's travel app, you could win that trip for free!
brunaeandrade / Via

And by downloading Expedia's travel app, you could win that trip for free!

7. Go for a bungee jump during your lunch break:

Michell Zappa / Via Flickr: michellzappa

8. Say goodbye to the hair you've had for too long:

9. Spend the afternoon at a carnival to win your newest best friend:

omri_rawrlan / Via

10. Or maybe adopt an adorable, adorable puppy:

Novocastrian Photography / Via Flickr: lindanovocastrian

11. Buy your own miniature golf course so you can play it every single day:

cote / Via Flickr: cote

12. Travel somewhere and doing nothing but eat the exotic food:

13. Splurge on an entirely new wardrobe:

worlee / Via

14. Get that tattoo you've been thinking about for ages:

Michael Courtney LA / Via Flickr: rvcaink

15. Spin the globe and travel to wherever your finger lands:

Inspired by Expedia's Trip-A-Day Giveaway:

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