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14 Things We All Admire About Spontaneous People

Some peeps just have the best sense of adventure. And with Expedia’s new award-winning travel app, you can be just as spontaneous. (And you have a chance to win just by downloading. Double hooray!)

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1. They're always really excited to do something new:

2. If they see something they want, they just go for it:

3. They can make anything seem fun:

4. They're always running off to random places...

5. the occasional foreign country.

6. ...or some city with a spectacular view...

7. ...and they always have these really awesome stories afterwards.

8. When there's some extreme food, they've probably already tried it, loved it, and tweeted about it:

9. They stopped planning to play an instrument and actually learned it:

10. If you ask, “What did you do this weekend?” They don’t start their response with a depressing sigh:

11. Fear? Huh? What's that?

12. If you have an idea for a new adventure, they're happy to join:

13. They practically exist in a world that doesn’t require any sleep:

14. But even when they finally decide to chill out, it's somewhere different:

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