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The Very Real Stages Of Being Pregnant, As Told By Amy Schumer

Pregnancy is a roller coaster of insanity, and if anyone knows that to be true, it's Amy Schumer. Don't miss her revealing new documentary series Expecting Amy, now streaming on HBO Max.

1. The moment you find out you're pregnant is a complete tornado of every emotion you've ever had.

2. And then you tell your partner, who may be shocked, dismayed, or completely overjoyed.

3. For a short while you're in a secret pregnancy stage, since no one else knows yet.

4. But then you start to tell your friends and family.

5. As things progress, the foods you once loved absolutely disgust you.

6. Once the bump is there, you start to question, "Is it too big? Too small? How big is normal???"

7. You'll try all the weird classes to prep for the big day.

8. At around the six-month mark, you might start to feel invincible and unstoppable — like you could perform on stage for thousands of people.

9. You'll also have many moments of feeling stressed, overly tired, and completely alone (even though there's a tiny human inside of you).

10. Once the finish line is in sight, you'll want nothing more than to get the baby out of you!

11. But once it's time to go into labor, you'll never forget the excitement, nerves, and adrenaline of that day.

12. And once you give birth, you discover that your body is stronger than a superhero's and that nothing is as magical as creating life!

Being pregnant is an incredibly unique part of life. Get a glimpse inside Amy's experience on Expecting Amy, now streaming on HBO Max!

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