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10 Productive Ways To Deal With Holiday Stress Headaches

♪ It's the most nutso time of year. ♫

The holidays are filled with family, love, and — oh, that's right — buckets and buckets of stress.

Stress is a common trigger of headaches. Help manage your stress this 🎄 holiday season 🎄 with these helpful tips:

1. First, nix the idea of a "perfect holiday."

2. Give yourself some designated coloring time.

3. Craft a decoration that's not oh-so-flashy.

4. DIY a little something for somebody. Just a little something.

5. Try out a new recipe for just yourself.

6. If you're buying gifts, consider donating some of your gently used items to charity.

7. Have a quick catch-up with an old friend. 👯

8. Take a walk to enjoy the season.

9. Yes. Fine. Okay. Plan!

10. And certainly take advantage of that mistletoe.

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