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    10 "BoJack Horseman" Moments That Were Painfully Real

    "Nobody gives a damn what you feel."

    🚨SPOILER ALERT: If you aren't all caught up on BoJack Horseman, proceed with caution! Got it? Okay, let's go.

    10. When BoJack got real about losing someone who made your life difficult in the first place:

    9. When he had to lie about painful self-hatred thoughts to comfort his half-sister:

    8. When BoJack and Diane discussed the problem with the world:

    7. When the ~secret~ to being happy was revealed:

    6. When Captain Peanutbutter got dark about love:

    5. Just, this:

    4. When Diane and BoJack conjured up yet another sad-yet-true statement:

    3. When this truth bomb was dropped at the Secretariat screening:

    2. When death brought up yet another insightful realization:

    1. And when Sarah Lynn made this comment, which was just a foreshadowing for her own future: