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    10 "BoJack Horseman" Moments That Were Painfully Real

    "Nobody gives a damn what you feel."

    🚨SPOILER ALERT: If you aren't all caught up on BoJack Horseman, proceed with caution! Got it? Okay, let's go.

    10. When BoJack got real about losing someone who made your life difficult in the first place:


    The whole episode is so meaningful yet heartbreaking, but whether you were experiencing loss or not, you most likely broke down in tears at this exact moment.

    9. When he had to lie about painful self-hatred thoughts to comfort his half-sister:


    Hollyhock expresses her worries to BoJack — worries that we all have, but sometimes they're too hard to say out loud. BoJack knows that his voice didn't go away for him, but that doesn't stop him from helping his little sister cope with growing up.

    8. When BoJack and Diane discussed the problem with the world:


    BoJack is the master of saying the most bitter truths of this world out loud. His honesty and sense of reality make him one of the wisest but also saddest characters in TV, and this moment proved it once again.

    7. When the ~secret~ to being happy was revealed:


    Everyone keeps trying to find out the secret to happiness, both in real life and in the show, but will we ever be able to find it? Well BoJack may have come up with the answer we've all been looking for. Or has he?

    6. When Captain Peanutbutter got dark about love:


    It sure is a pessimistic way to describe what being loved is like, but pretty much the whole show is pessimistic, so it comes as no surprise. Although Captain Peanutbutter may look as happy and cheerful as his brother, his mind comes up with some really dark stuff.

    5. Just, this:


    Sure, we all know BoJack is a depressed character from the moment we meet him, but he still finds impressive ways to express the way he feels every time he opens his mouth.

    4. When Diane and BoJack conjured up yet another sad-yet-true statement:


    Whenever Diane and BoJack have a conversation, we know we are about to hear some real stuff, with this moment being no exception. Both characters are complex in their own ways, and that's why they make such a perfect — but also sad — duo.

    3. When this truth bomb was dropped at the Secretariat screening:


    Once again BoJack is telling his truth. He may not seem like it, but in various moments (like this) he proves that he has a fragile personality and is a very emotional character.

    2. When death brought up yet another insightful realization:


    As it seems the saddest things in the show are being told in funerals more than any other time and place. As if Herb's funeral wasn't sad enough, we also had to listen to things like this.

    1. And when Sarah Lynn made this comment, which was just a foreshadowing for her own future:


    Okay this was particularly sad, just because we know how Sarah Lynn's life ends and her whole passage throughout the show. Rest in peace, Sarah Lynn. You were a real one.