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17 Things That Prove That Wearing Uggs Is Not The Worst Thing That Could Happen

Ugg's lives' matter

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With beginning of fall comes all the jokes about how Uggs are the worst thing to happen to mankind.

But are Uggs really that bad?

I don't think so! Here's 17 things that are definitely worse than wearing Uggs!

1. Someone stealing your food

2. Spoilers

3. The SATs

4. The Emoji Movie

5. "k"

6. Modays

7. Internet Explorer

8. Standing next to someone who obviously didn't put on deodorant

9. High school

10. Bratty children

11. 2016

12. Neckbeards

13. Getting friendzoned

14. Old people who point to you at weddings and say "You're next"

15. Having a friend tell you that they don't have time to hang out with you but they always post pics and snapchats of them hanging with someone else

16. Clogging a toilet

17. People who won't let you enjoy wearing a pair of shoes

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