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Nine Cats Whose Souls Belong To Belial

The storm of winter-evil has come, and it has fur.

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I hear the call as I go to the grave, the crypt of the demons is calling me.


I have opened the gates of chaos on this alive and holy world—nobody will be able to close them.


I am spirit, I am stone, and I am immortal.


Comradeship through iron and blood, we unite in sacred war, our hearts forged unto battle.


De grandae vus antiquus mulum tristis, arcanas mysteria scriptum, invoco crentus domini de daemonium!


In a world of sorrow, a tormented soul dreams of vengeance.


We are encouraged by blood, by the battle spirit—none can bring silence today.


Follow the wounds, enter the self-inflicted gateway, let the devil come through.


Where I belong, where I bath my soul in doom fire fog, where I ride death's cold winds in the battles in the north.

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