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    My Top 10 Favorite Cumbias Asquerosas

    I’ve curated a list of the tackiest, nastiest cumbias that I’ve personally experienced and grown to love! Please let this list inspire you to drive 16 hours all the way to Central Mexico this summer or perhaps even guide you through a night out at a loud and overwhelming nightclub. Enjoy!

    1. "Esperma Y Ron" by Los Majors

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    First up on my list is an instrumental. Play this one to get in the cumbia mood and get dancing! A personal favorite of mine since I am a fan of saxophone solos.

    2. "El Fantasma del Amor" by Lucho de Sedas

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    The origin story of cumbia. In truth, this isn’t a true cumbia asquerosa but I included it as I believe it to be a must-listen when it comes to understanding the roots of the cumbia genre.

    3. "Cumbia Metrópolis" by Grupo Sumbale

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    Cumbia Metrópolis is more instrumental than song BUT it is 100% cumbia sonidera. The trademark sound drops, shout outs, and heavy synths are present and in rare form.

    4. "Así se Toca la Cumbia" by Miro (Va como piña)

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    The vocals are perhaps my favorite part of this song and it is a hallmark of a good sonidera song. The expertise and skill with which the accordion is played is a plus! A very versatile song that’s good for setting up the ambience for a child’s birthday party or a wedding reception!

    5. "El Verde de Tus Ojos" by Los Yes Yes

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    This is a staple any cumbia compilation! All one needs to do to get this played is to say “ben ben ben ben ben” and the DJ WILL know what song you’re talking about. It also has a little bit of the Andean cumbia flavor that provides some novelty for the discerning cumbia listener.

    6. "Tambor Sonidero" by Grupo Mas

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    What isn’t there to love about this cumbia? It’s got great vocals, sound drops, a steady rhythm, and a lot of bass! It will keep la rueda going!

    7. "La Lata" by Supermerk2

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    From this point forward you will hear all the hallmarks of the Cumbias Asquerosas that make any wedding or birthday party worthwhile. Prepare to start dancing! The cowbell at the beginning is how you know you’re in for a good time!

    8. "El Paso del Gigante" by Grupo Soñador

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    If you haven’t heard this song before, you ain’t ever listened to cumbia.

    9. "La Cumbia de la Cerveza" by Grupo Soñador

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    Another hit from Grupo Soñador, the name says it all! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this song and knew the drunken brawls were just around the corner.

    10. "La Inconforme" by Grupo G

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    Last but definitely not least is "La Inconforme," a playful song about a man frustratedly waiting in his car for his date to get ready to go out. A classic.

    What are your favorite cumbias?

    Please, leave a comment! I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite cumbias asquerosas!