I Tested Out Cooking Hacks That People Actually Swear By — But Not All Of Them Worked

    I cannot stop thinking about the egg one.

    I still remember the first time a chef taught me how to really cut an onion. (It's a game changer, FYI.)

    But these days, you don't need a chef friend to get clued in, you just need TikTok. So I dedicated a day to trying TikTok food hacks to see what works and what doesn't.

    Woman in kitchen with apron on

    HACK #1: Slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes in half at the same time — using just a food storage container lid and a sharp knife.

    Slicing tomatoes on a cutting board

    I cut all the tomatoes for my salad in just a few seconds — but had to cut one particularly small tomato separately.

    Cutting board with cherry tomatoes, a Tupperware top, and a knife

    HACK #2: Cut a mango across the middle, twist to detach each side from the pit — and you're left with two scoopable mango "cups."

    This was...really messy and wasted a ton of the fruit.

    Three phases of a mango being cut

    HACK #3: Quickly make cold butter spreadable by grating it onto your (warm) toast.

    Butter being scraped from a cheese grater onto toast

    It worked! Really, really well.

    Toast with grated butter on top

    HACK #4: Use olive oil to keep a cut avocado from turning brown.

    Rubbing a bit of olive oil onto an avocado

    It worked okay, but you definitely have to refrigerate the avocado. I tried both ways, and leaving one half out overnight was a baaaaad idea.

    Avocados getting doused in olive oil

    HACK #5: Cut an upside-down bell pepper along its seams to avoid having to scrape out the seeds later.

    It works like a dream — but you have to do it right.

    A green bell pepper in various stages of being cut

    HACK #6: Peel a hard-boiled egg in seconds — and with only one hand — by shaking the egg in a cup, submerging it again in water, then slipping the peel off.

    Even though it sounds more complicated than it is, I LOVED this hack.

    Egg being boiled and peeled in water

    What's an underrated food hack you wish you'd known sooner? Share in the comments below!