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    15 Budget Ski Trip Hacks That'll Save You A Ton Of Money

    Skiing and snowboarding aren’t cheap. These tips help.

    1. Be smart about when you book.

    2. Avoid big-name resorts.

    3. Search out an all-inclusive ski trip.

    4. Stay one town over.

    5. Book the trip with a group — then cram.

    6. Forget about flying. Especially budget airlines.

    7. But if you have to fly — nix the idea of renting a car on arrival.

    8. Go retro.

    9. Skip the on-mountain hot chocolate and BYO snacks instead.

    10. Buy lift tickets online and in advance.

    11. If you’re gonna ski several days, consider a mega pass.

    12. Stay in and cook.

    13. Pregame at home, then opt for a cheap beer like PBR.

    14. Do something other than ski.

    15. Take advantage of your roommate turned ski bum.