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    31 Super-Satisfying Meals That All Start With A Bowl Of Rice

    Rice: the MVP of the pantry.

    There's a reason some people eat rice with every meal. It's filling, versatile, inexpensive, and easy to make. And it's one of those things you probably always have around. 🍚

    1. Veggie Fried Rice

    Veggie fried rice

    2. One-Pot Cilantro Lime Chicken & Rice

    Chicken and cilantro rice dish

    3. Spiced Rice Pudding

    Sweet rice with a cinnamon stick

    4. One-Pot Enchilada Rice

    Cheesy enchiladas with avocado

    5. Paprika Chicken & Rice Bake

    Paprika chicken and rice

    6. One-Pan Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl

    Veggies on chicken on top of a bed of rice

    7. Beans, Rice & Cheese Burritos

    Cheesy quesadilla with rice and beans

    8. Chicken Jollof Rice

    Plate of rice, beans, salad, and plantains

    9. Make-Ahead Chicken & Rice Bake

    Chicken with bread crumbs on it

    10. Mango-Stuffed Sticky Rice Balls

    Mango sticky rice balls

    11. Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

    Creamy rice soup

    12. Salmon Poke Bowl

    Bowl of raw salmon and veggies over rice

    13. Southwestern Chicken & Rice

    Jar of rice, beans, and veggies

    14. Taco-Stuffed Peppers

    Stuffed red pepper topped with guacamole

    15. Cilantro Rice

    Bowl of cilantro rice

    16. Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Bake

    Cheese-covered chicken and rice

    17. Meatless Paella

    Bowl of spicy paella

    18. Nick’s Jambalaya

    White bowl of jambalaya

    19. Fried Rice Chicken Teriyaki Cups

    Fried rice chicken teriyaki cups

    20. One-Pan Miso Honey Salmon for 2

    Plate of salmon, rice, and veggies

    21. Shrimp Tempura Rice Burger

    Shrimp burger between rice buns

    22. Lentils & Rice With Caramelized Onions

    Pile of rice and lentils topped with herbs

    23. Lamb Biryani

    Rice and lamb topped with egg and nuts

    24. Easy Mosaic Sushi

    Sushi in a square

    25. One-Pan Spicy Prawns & Rice

    Yellow rice topped with sausage and prawns

    26. Slow Cooker Chicken Fajita Bowls

    Fajita toppings in a bowl

    27. Microwaved Veggie Rice Bowl

    White rice topped with veggies

    28. Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich)

    Rice sandwich wrapped in nori

    29. Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

    Bowl of chicken fried rice

    30. Crunchy California Roll Sushi Bowl

    Sushi bowl

    31. Leftover Cheesy Bacon Rice Croquettes

    Fried balls of rice

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